Month: August 2019

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Email Design Tips and Common Mistakes to Watch out For

It is a well-known fact that people tend to pay attention to the visual elements first which often makes them prefer the form to the content. Email marketing is no exception. It is the structure of an email, illustrations, text formatting, color palette, and mobile optimization that usually determine if users will finish reading your Read More

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How To Get Netflix for Free With Temp Mail

How To Get Netflix for Free With Temp Mail Netflix Requires little introduction — If you have the online access to read this guide and the tech savvy to know TechJunkie exists, then there is nothing we can let you know about what Netflix does and how they do it. It is the streaming service Read More

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Sales Conversion Rate, or How to Bring Your eCommerce Business to a New Level with Email Marketing

You may invest a lot of effort into bringing users to your website — set up contextual advertising, create and promote useful content, run social media campaigns, — yet there will be no point in all these initiatives if your visitors don’t turn into customers or, in other words, don’t convert. So, in this article, Read More

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Email Testing Tools Worth Using before You Hit Send

To help you ascertain the success of your email campaigns and reduce possible oopsies, in this post, we’ve featured 10+ online email testing tools. Let’s check them out together. Email validation is a multistep process of checking whether or not an email address is valid and deliverable. Email verifiers are tools that help you do Read More